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                                                                         This ebook is a sort of compilation from out of several tweets posted by me in

                                                                         TWITTER.COM during the period from Mar 2011 to Mar 2019.The subjects covered

                                                                         are too many, and so, instead of classifying by subjects, these are presented in the

                                                                        chronological order from start. These tweets are general observations on our social

                                                                        behaviour, and include criticism in a large number of cases and appreciation wherever

                                                                        due. Though only mass movements can change social behaviour for the good, the role

                                                                        of writers in being motivational and catalytic, cannot be ruled out. It is therefore

                                                                        thought necessary and proper to re-present these ideas in one place and to a wider

                                                                        section of public in the form of an EBOOK that has global reach. This book it is

                                                                        hoped, will stimulate thought many a time and be enjoyable as a whole.


                                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS


                  CHAPTER.....               Year in which the ideas were projected

                                                                                                         CHAPTER 1...............               YEAR 2011(Part1) 150 tweets

 CHAPTER2…………………  YEAR 2011(Part2) 145 tweets

  CHAPTER3…………………  YEAR2011 (Part3) 150 tweets

                                                                                                         CHAPTER4……………    …  YEAR2011 (Part4) 150 tweets

                                                                                                          CHAPTER5……………         YEAR2012 100 tweets

                                                                                                          CHAPTER6………… …        YEAR2013 125 tweets

                                                                                                          CHAPTER7  ....................         YEAR 2014&15 125 tweets   

                                                                                                          CHAPTER8…………             YEAR 2016 130 tweets

                                                                                                          CHAPTER9……… …             YEAR 2017 150 tweets

                                                                                                          CHAPTER10……                    YEAR2018&19 77 tweets              

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                                                                                     CHAPTER1-YEAR2011 Part1


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01. In life, first clap is hard to come buy. Then more follow, still more pour in and swell into a resounding applause. mass mania.

02. Run of the mill activities do not thrill. Nor like adventure apt to kill.

03. When you dare, you make a mark in life. But If you dont make it, society will hurriedly give you a black mark for life. That's the risk.

04. While young you highlight your features. With advancing age you try to hide your features……

05. When a friend behaves like an enemy you have a real dilemma. He is no more your friend but can never be an enemy. You are in a fix…

06. Respect is an outer presentation that can be commanded. Regard is an instinct that has to be inspired. Desirable but not always possible.

07. Silence can result from plain ignorance, or total indifference or wisdom judiciously withheld or maliciously.

08. It's impossible to help a man against his will or w/o his cooperation. Then pray if you believe or forget him if you dont.

09. The bored would be happy to hear somebody or other say something or other. The worried would prefer not to hear anything from anybody.

10. When you confront a group in the public interest, the affected will protest vociferously. The benefiting public will keep neatly silent..

11. Man grows w/o knowing (child), feels intensely w/o knowing (adolescence) acts/reacts instinctively w/o knowing (youth) and ruminates at end…

12. Experience teaches you and you tell your experience to others. But some prefer to fall into the ditch themselves rather than listen to U

13. Murder for gain is a desperate attempt for gain w/o pain (to self).Unless well executed it becomes intense pain without any gain.

14. It is unnatural to remain single. Marriage is incomplete w/o children Psychologists frown at single child family. Two maybe ok. But by then you are already done. Hooked. No escape. Rest is fate!

15. If you scare away all your friends and well wishers, naturally you will be all alone at the end. No use lamenting then.

16. Maybe there will be a transition from LOVE IN relationships to LIVE IN deals. Exciting alternative in the short term. But disastrous…

17. If a person incites you against another, make sure he has no vested interest. The idea can very well be against your own interest..

18. You must use sense, not lose it. When in a state of agitation, you are apt to do the exactly opposite..

19. It needs love beyond limits to overlook arrogance beyond limits in others…

20. If your stars are adverse, nobody will listen to you, be it a warning beforehand or a reference to what you said already……

21. When anything shoots to fame overnight and w/o valid reasons,that deserves to be investigated & corrected to prevent irrational frenzy.

22. In the past, broken English and colloquial slang evoked derisive laughter .But now, it is adored and admired in films…

23. Ego is OK. All can't be saints. It is the inflated ego that hurts all around. That is what arrogance is made up of.

24. Man becomes mature with age. So we believe. But that is not necessarily true always…

25. Often the man direly in need of advice is also the person who is most averse to advice..

26. It is wrong to think we are equal to anybody on earth, which is neither true nor possible nor necessary for success in our own life..

27. House owners tend to lament poor rental income compared to bank interest. But they forget deferred income from property appreciation.

28. Benefit of public service derived by society from career women is more than offset by irreparable loss on family front .All in rat race!

29. Where DEJECTION is the starting point of a discussion, REJECTION will be the fate of all offered solutions, including sensible ones…

30. Where the best thrives the next cannot. Celebrities eclipse the moderate. Cinema kills drama. TV kills cinema. Computer kills?

31. Some people suffer because of their bad qualities. Some because of good qualities. Neither changes. This can't be helped……

32. Govt taps phone. Eavesdropping. Serious crime. An Individual peeps into sensitive cables from govt. He is a hero, a whistleblower. Logical?

33. A woman falls into an open manhole and drowns for eternity. Ordinary news. A notorious criminal shot dead in encounter. Great fuss. How come?

33(A). Bad &bumpy roads with surprise ditches, everlasting none can guess diversions, increasing petrol cost. Laneless freelance traffic. Merciless monsoon..Meterless autos. Fleecing drivers. Don’t care politicians. Never complain middleclass. Combination super..

34. Sleep is considered an effortless activity.Actually a preferred wholetime occupation for lazy. Yet if missing or elusive, Oh, how tough!

35. Trees are gifts of God.

36. In16 years, farm suicides in India cross a million. A Report..All set for spectacular Grand Prix Of India. Report next day. We take things easy.

37. No talk results in silence. No thought leads to meditation…

38. Some remember all the good you did to them and all the bad too. Some, only the bad.Rarely you find people who remember the good only..

39. Gold Exchange Funds invest in physical gold. Prices go up as this is plain hoarding. Why allow this?  Bleak future for girls in Tamilnadu.

40. Not listening is a great art, though not desirable. Some will pretend to listen but be anxiously waiting for a break for them to butt in.

41. Acute arrogance is worse than deep ignorance. But if both are present,

 That is a formidable combination for one to fight against.

42. Doing good is in fact pretty easy. Anybody can do it. Feed the poor. Who objects? But fight evil. That requires guts and determination sure.

43. If you feel anything is too good to be true, most probably you will be right…

44. Life is a journey between two destinations. We know where the journey started. But we dont know where it will end , when or how…………

45. Hall size mainframes gave way to personal computers on table, then to laptops on the lap, followed now by handheld pc .Less size.  More power. At this rate computer systems may in future be reduced to a head phone and specs made of chips responding to voice commands.

46. Intelligence accompanied by arrogance, is understandable though not acceptable. But arrogance coupled with ignorance is intolerable.

47. Governments levy taxes against planned necessities. Individuals run after money for money's sake. Not all have any goals as such…

48. Some men make money. Take over competing companies. More money..More companies..Still more. Diversify products. Like tiger's tail in hands…

49. If everybody is to have cell phone as envisaged by Telecom Minister, then most people will be talking most of the time. More misuse than use.

50. Your decisions in life largely depend on where your attitude lies in the spectrum of confidence –between overconfidence & diffidence.

51. etc etc 150


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